Wes Anderson takes the opposite approach and includes the treasures of civilization for thousands of years. Miuccia Prada used two shows to echo the common creative thinking, so as to realize art and literature border fashion.

Prada’s autumn/winter 2019 menswear and womenswear collections recreate a unique new style in the seemingly chaotic superposition.

The show was still run by AMO, with a light-filled theater in the prada foundation’s Deposito hall.

The runway was dotted with a network of regularly arranged light bulbs to mimic Nikola Tesla’s scientific experiments.

Video also used a lot of airwaves to pay tribute to the great scientist.

Similarly, the ready-to-wear of show field also is full of “electric light flint”, lightning printing and blasting design created the visual effect that gives chaos.

It’s not just colors and prints that are “in a mess,” but also bold and mix-and-match looks.

Faux fur, nylon, knittingā€¦ These idiosyncratic materials are “stitched” in a “stiff” way, recreating the playful chic.

It’s like reviving a fashion version of frankenstein with an electric flint and a red heart.

Prada borrowed the Frankenstein character from the horror movie classic to plot a fashion reconstruction operation.

Miuccia Prada is the Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) of this show, which turns this romantic gothic story into a fashion show with a sense of black romance.

According to Miuccia, Frankenstein’s love-hungry Frankenstein is like someone who knows the fashion world but still wants to find a spark of light and freshness in it.

This is why she deliberately used the double belt to adorn the uniform style ready-to-wear —

Or grafting faux fur onto a printed shirt of ascetic feeling, and mixing it with leather-bound geeky glasses, is a collision of styles

In the original novel, scientist Victor Frankenstein chooses different bodies to make Frankenstein in order to create the perfect artificial human.

Isn’t that just like the patchwork design in the same show?

Frankenstein was resurrected because the shock brought him to life. That’s why Prada pays tribute to Nikola Tesla, a scientist and electrical engineer, this season.

Miuccia Prada’s references to frankenstein and its vision of “reinventing fashion” don’t stop there. Instead, they line up a month later in Prada’s fall/winter 2019 women’s wear collection.

In the prada foundation’s Deposito hall theater, the sequel is on.

In miao’s opinion, Frankenstein also has a mapping of female rights.

The author of this book, Mary Shelley, a British woman writer, was ignored for a long time, but only as a foil to Shelley, the husband of a famous poet, who could not even successfully publish her own works.

Women’s identity did not give her a place in the literary world at that time, but now she is giving inspiration to another extremely successful woman in the fashion industry to bravely carry out the style revolution and reinvent the fashion.

This is undoubtedly epoch-making and inspiring.

Prada’s fall/winter 2019 women’s wear collection references the character of “the bride of frankenstein” as it takes on the frankenstein show.

The character first appeared in the 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein by British director James Whale, based on the movie version of Frankenstein and Mary Shelley’s novel.

In the movie, the character is made for love.

Frankenstein and his bride meet, but also a sad and romantic love story.

This is why the flower that symbolizes love becomes the core element. And digital printing, three-dimensional decoration and other ways, throughout the show.

From “virtual” to “real”, it is also the opposite of individualism (self-feeling) and rationality and objectivity, and the contradiction between nature and civilization.

The thunder and lightning that bowknot appears many times on bud silk, men’s clothing and love, it is to express a kind of black romantic feeling.

It’s love at first sight, but it’s also dangerous.

Romantics believed that “imagination” could make the world a better place, an unassailable human society.

The same is true of the show conceived by Miuccia Prada.

Those send out the beauty of the female distinctive design, the possibility that announces a female, just and soft each other overlap, together with material qualitative and design, nature and man-made together, echo each other encounter, close 2 for one.

This one before one after two big show, full of romanticism and practical significance, virtual and real of the hui.

And through a series of unique expressions and presentations, like Dr. Strange’s creation of frankenstein, he recreates a fashion world that is “not about exact truth, but about self-perception.”

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