You’d think the British people on Max Siedentopf’s camera would be bold enough, but in fact, Young Thug, an American rapper, has even more to offer on his passport.

He posted two pictures of him making faces on Instagram and asked people to vote on which photo to choose as their passport photo.

As a candidate

Apart from the printed coat, the gold ring and bracelet on his hand were not “proper”, and he wore a hat without taking off his nose ring.

According to the two candidates

Hollywood’s biggest stars from the last century, by contrast, have far more formal passports and immigration photos.

Marilyn Monroe, with blonde hair and blue eyes, is still beautiful, even with a faint smile.

In addition, there is also the American actress Katherine Hepburn, who is the only national treasure film actor who has won the best actress Oscar four times.

John Lennon, but not quite the right sizeā€¦

Johnny Cash’s passport photo was also a bit of a blast. It didn’t look very happy, but his hair was just as it always was.

The passport photo of Walt Disney, the founder of Disney, is much happier, with the don laughing broadly and his eyes narrowed.

Forza can only say that decades ago customs was lenient on face recognition, because the passport photo would not have passed today.

The passport of Hollywood superstar is certainly good-looking, but what is more precious is the “antique passport” of literary giants.

Young Hemingway is really handsome!

Virginia Woolf, a British writer who was honored as the pioneer of modernism and feminism in the 20th century, has a relatively complete passport.

And Einstein, who was named by time magazine as the “great man of the century” of the 20th century, his hair, which looks like he just woke up, is also very funny.

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