Taking a passport photo is the most serious photo moment you can imagine.

Every second get visa, or is the passport to update the time, the clothes to have collar, smile can not show teeth, bang can not cover the ear forehead, makeup can not be thick, even earrings should be taken down one by one……

In a word, the photos on the front page of a passport or visa page, which are only a few centimeters long and wide, are probably everyone’s dark past.

In the “innocent blue” has not been so common, really want to write above “only the customs can see”, even bestie can not be opened at will, the person sitting inside, hanging a face stiff and awkward.

But Max Siedentopf, an artist from Germany, has defied all stereotypes about taking a passport photo.

He invited various volunteers living in London to take part in his “passport photo project”, and in a humorous way, he made a big joke about passports.

Within 4.5x 3.5cm of the official rule that there should be no expression of emotion, people did behave themselves and did not show any difference.

But when you zoom in on the government-mandated photo frame, everyone is creating, in a crazy, ridiculous, whimsical way, scenes of everyday life that are free of thought.

There are suits cut in half only wear big pants;

There are feet on fire face still calm;

Wrapped in rolls of paper;

Glued to the wall;

One who holds eight glasses of wine in his arms without changing colour;

And the splits, and it’s not even an ordinary fork, it’s definitely acrobatic…

In any case, you can’t imagine it without them, and the British sense of humour is evident in these little photographs.

Every month are flying, holding a passport “collection” of countries entry chapter majestic, incredibly do not know an ordinary passport, can also play so 6.

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