You say passports are fun, but in fact, fashion designers and street brands have put a lot of effort into passports.

The first is at the helm of BURBERRY’s Riccardo Tisci, which launched a Burgundy wallet based on a British passport in May.

Sports brand ASICS is aimed at the passport this theme, joint famous shoe exhibition Sneakerness build a pair of eu passport as inspiration limited-edition sneakers GEL Lyte V.

Full-bodied wine is red and the aureate embroidery that uplink place is in, all without exception echo is worn European Union passport match colors, the shoe version still is concealed inside insoles “enter the country chapter”, reach the boundary that is false and genuine almost.

New Balance, on the other hand, takes a more direct approach to Passport, creating a New retro 574 called Passport.

New Balance’s “Passport” line, however, draws on the colors of the logos of major airlines from five continents, rather than just a few countries.

Insole printed on different countries “Hello”, quite a bit of the taste of the world traveler.

New Balance just USES Passport as the name of a line, while Sydney, Australia skateboard brand PASS~PORT, actually USES Passport.

Although the brand has only been established for 7 years, PASS~PORT is still the most diverse skateboard team in Australia. Skates from different regions gather under the flag of PASS~PORT, echoing “passport owners” with different cultural backgrounds in different countries around the world.

While not as well known as Supreme or Palace Skateboards, PASS~PORT has also assembled a number of Cool Kids and established a number of reputable collaborations in skateboarding.

Carhartt WIP, for example, and Vans, the leader in skateboarding, Nike skateboard branch Nike SB. Skate brands don’t care whether the other is a competitor or not, but skaters are one.

Of course, designer labels are scrambling to come up with authentic passport holders, such as Thom Browne’s envelope holder, off-white’s quotation mark holder, LOEWE, BURBERRY, and Louis Vuitton’s Monogram passport holder.

After all, in a world where mobile payments are becoming more and more popular, wallets are becoming less and less of a thing, and stylish passport holders are not only a functional option for globe-trotting but also an important part of airport attire.

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