However, the Apple Watch is only a “fashion accessory” for the fashionistas.

Because from the moment the iPhone 11 and the much-anticipated iPhone 11 Pro appeared on the big screen, I knew that apple, the most fashion-savvy of the tech world, was about to rob me of my wallet again.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max offer dark green, dark grey, silver and gold

After all, it really can accurately poke every fashion industry workers, in the daily and work needs!

For example, the iPhone 11, which echoes the color LOGO this time, immediately launched six colors, especially the soft purple haze, which really aroused the hearts of many girls at the scene.

And it’s probably the biggest iPhone ever.

However, the most exciting part was the final appearance of the dark green iPhone 11 Pro, which was also the highlight of the whole event.

Anyway arrive “touch true machine” link, that is all sorts of spell height and spell hand speed simply, “dark night green” inside 3 outside 3 layers are all lifting “long gun cannon” pat “person wall”.

“Dark night green” so close so far

When I finally squeezed to the front, did not touch enough for two minutes, already under pressure reluctantly put down……

Midnight green overhand is not exaggerated, send out as Angle different faint green light

It’s not cheating to be addicted to touch. The matte material makes the touch feel more advanced in an instant. You don’t need to worry about your phone becoming a fingerprint collector.

When it comes to dry goods, apart from the sense of ceremony of Apple’s first green iPhone and the fashion trend that echoes the current green trend, what exactly does this iPhone 11 Pro satisfy the wishes of workers in the fashion industry?

First of all, it must look good.

So the iPhone 11 Pro launched a strong “luxury package photography” – three camera system, also known as the “bath bully.”

The bath master has three cameras: telephoto, wide Angle and ultra wide Angle.

That way, you’ll have less time to find the perfect spot and more room to cut out when you take a picture.

It was shot inside the jobs theater

Not only that, but the iPhone 11 Pro’s groundbreaking nighttime mode also greatly improves the efficiency of photo editing after taking photos.

Many times majestic in the dinner or show on the photo, due to the impact of the scene lights, really inevitably black into a ball, desperately pull the brightness bar, also worry about noise point too much.

The iPhone 11 Pro perfectly solves the problem of shooting in low light.

Just look at this comparison by Coco Rocha, the iPhone 11 Pro captures almost every detail.

Instead of worrying about “turning night into day”, Apple is more focused on color restoration in dark light

It’s also fun to actually do – shooting night scenes is much easier than it used to be!

The iPhone’s proud portrait mode is also optimized for image shading and color changes, and even challenges the professional SLR camera, which is almost as good as a studio shot.

In addition, I, who has a high demand for selfies, also found a sense of mutual affection in the iPhone 11 Pro. It is nothing to automatically “micro beautification” to take a meimei selfie, but creative enough!

However, in the age of Vlog, being able to meet the needs of fashion “creators” at the same time is a real skill, and the iPhone 11 Pro has done it!

Not to mention the on-board more professional than the go-pro theater level anti – shake function, even if the direct handheld shooting, it can also make the film of the people at ease, watching the people also comfortable.

With a front lens with a wider view, it was a blessing to the Vlogger that the mighty no longer had to worry about talking to the camera and only had a “big head” of his own.

The landscape camera will automatically pull away. Notice that the girl’s head is tilted forward

Looks like the face can be a few circles, not Pick it? !

Of course, Apple didn’t just give you a few shots as assignments. It also spent a lot of time and effort studying the job requirements of filmmakers.

For example, if you want to switch from photographing to photographing video, or if you want to switch the Angle during photographing, you can zoom by sliding left and right after long press, which is smooth and smooth. There is no picture jumping, and then the light Angle is all wrong.

In addition, with the help of Filmic software, the iPhone can realize the scenes of “picture in picture” and “simultaneous recording of two positions”, which can only be seen in the film shooting scene in the past.

If you do not feel this function has much when shooting, so when you cut film, it can make you exclaim “Wow!” .

To put it simply, you can shoot a shot with a mobile phone in four angles at once, and it is more waterproof and dustproof, making outdoor shooting more flexible.

In addition to reducing the risk of reshoots, the richer material also makes Vlog visually layered and fun to jump up several levels.

Finally, it is the power problem that the boundless worries most, after all, red carpet, attend the party and watch the show, take photos and record video is common, occasionally also need to take care of writing and cutting video, power run out is the main source of anxiety for fashion bloggers.

The iPhone 11 Pro also takes care of battery life. The far leading A13 bionic chip sounds very professional and digital, but my understanding is that the phone works faster and doesn’t get stuck when shooting or cutting pictures.

It is this small chip that embodies a huge project

At the same time, the battery life is five hours longer than before, and there is no need to worry about the battery of the mobile phone in a short time.

Not only does it save energy, it also charges faster, filling up to 50% in 30 minutes

Notably, the iPhone 11 Pro features a super-retina XDR display and dolby panoramic sound effects.

Let the reader later when watching Vlog, more immersive feeling oh.

To sum up, this is the first iPhone named “Pro” by Apple, which is indeed Pro. Wearing the “dark green” iPhone 11 Pro, it is one of the most anticipated “fashion accessories” this year.

This unusual green is a combination of yellow and blue, a balance between warm and cold, a complex and beautiful marriage.

Just as Apple has always insisted on making scientific and technological products as works of art, it has exported to the world an aesthetic system that gives a perfect balance between beauty and utility, fashion and innovation, and infused cold modern technology with touching human touch.

So as to truly realize the statement at the top of the screen at the beginning of the press conference: “Give people wonderful tools, and they will do beautiful things.”

Now you see why dark night green is so popular this time?

Because Apple is the most fashionable technology company.

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