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Someone once described apple’s annual event as the “Met Gala of the tech world,” and if you think about it, apple’s relationship with the fashion world is pretty much in harmony:

Jonathan Ive, apple’s former chief design officer, was once listed as co-chair of the Met Gala, which apple even sponsored in 2015, and the theme was highly relevant — the handmade X machine: fashion for the age of technology.

As early as 2014, when apple Watch was born, apple had already extended its reach to VOGUE. It not only cooperated with Colette, a famous Paris buyer store, but also invited Anna Wintour as a guest, which was simply a gesture of selling fashion items.

She has been on the catwalk many times;

The iPad and iPhone hit the Maison Margiela spring/summer 2019 catwalk

Occupying the cover and inside pages of VOGUE magazine in various countries, the highest record is the 12 pages of advertisements of VOGUE magazine.

But the most immediate is the guest list at apple’s event.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is probably no second technology company in the world that can gather so many fashion and lifestyle media, which is more of a fashion event with innovative ideas than a launch event.

The warm welcome from Apple employees is a living example

This is inseparable from the unique and powerful design DNA of apple itself. From the architecture of apple Park Park to the sense of use of products and even the memorable advertising video, all of them carry almost impeccable aesthetic and technological considerations.

First of all, every time you walk in Apple Park, you will feel that you are boarding an “Apple mothership” heading for the future. The Park hides countless almost paranoid details of Apple, and inestimable control behind the unified design language.

Neo-futuristic architecture with iconic “curvature corners” everywhere

By the way, I really think Apple can consider developing a coffee business. The hand-brewed coffee provided at the press conference is said to be the top level in the bay area.

Technology companies that don’t know how to design aren’t good cafes

Anyway, this year’s Apple LOGO, for example, is actually a reflection of modern designers’ ideas of rationality and sensibility, technology and art across the centuries.

Before the event, the color LOGO has been flowing and changing on the big screen, which is reminiscent of the color classic since the birth of the iMac G3 in 1998 and the iPod nano.

On closer examination, it seems to have the aura of Lava Lamp, created by British accountant Edward Craven Walker, in which the color blocks seem to float in the changes of light and shadow.

Created in 1963, this visual product undoubtedly represents the scientific fantasy of an era, as well as the hippie culture and psychedelic art of the 1960s. It has a great influence on the film, music, art and fashion industry:

Cover design for The Beatles’ rubber soul album
The opening of the 1965 James Bond movie thunderball
Lava Lamp inspired the floral prints of Dries Van Noten’s spring 2019 collection

The image changes with a sense of flow and rhythm, continued to the release of the beginning of the animation film.

Combined With many years of cooperation friend Les Gordon is adone create music “Flirting With June”, since the beginning of the Apple’s works all appear, image style echo With the Flat since iOS 7 Design (Flat Design).

The event kicked off with a round of applause as the audience recalled how Apple realized its technological fantasy.

Almost everything at the event hit me right, except for the massive amount of games “sent” from Apple Arcade, which made me a part-time game blogger who spends half the year traveling abroad, happy to rub my hands.

Apple’s “film” business is also worth looking forward to. The first series of Apple TV + is a collection of historical science fiction dramas, ethics dramas and comedies.

The trailer for the sci-fi drama See starring aquaman premiered worldwide

And boundless most like, is in the Apple press conference all kinds of “looking for a joke” —

We’re talking about the new Apple Watch Series 5, which has a lot of hidden movie action.

For example, the Apple Watch’s powerful navigation function helps scout instructor Edward in moonrise kingdom find his way forward.

Tribute to Wes Anderson

Might the new Apple Watch have the ability to unlock the mysterious Open Portals found in stranger things?

Just Kidding, of course

To be honest, I was caught off guard when the Apple Watch with its all-black hermes strap was planted.

White ceramics, titanium and the new Nike models are all worth buying

The new Apple Watch is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has an all-on-display, which can be interpreted as an “immortal screen”, which makes the Apple Watch more like a Watch.

Every Angle, every scene can see a screen that is always on for you

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