How to prove the success of this “style reinvention” in the most intuitive way, popularity is undoubtedly the best performance.

Suddenly, it seems, fashionistas are rushing to join Prada’s fashion utopia.

The two-dimensional design is full of visual impact, as Prada’s new shirt print is about to take over the streets of fashion.

Also hot of late, Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers, with their sclerky silhouette and futuristic look, have also booked trend seats.

In still strong tide of big daddy shoe, it stands out more more, become nowadays popular choice.

In my opinion, the bag bag of this season also is very pick out, be worth buying.

Prada’s fw2019 men’s and women’s fashion shows were the first to show its Nylon Cargo collection, which combines leather with Prada’s trademark Nylon fabric.

Not only does it have a strong outdoor feel, but it also has functionality and industrial design.

From the bag type that can be carried diagonally to the Fanny pack that is convenient for shoulder support, it greatly satisfies the different wear and build of travel.

The multi-pocket design is highly practical, while the Nylon Cargo series is more practical and lightweight.

Compared with the more fragile leather material, this bag is undoubtedly more suitable for outdoor and sports.

Prada Nylon Cargo is definitely street-focused with its jumping color contrast design, matching metal accessories and plump bag shape.

Of military uniform style and industrial style blend in, make fashionable feeling more together with practical rise exponentially.

Prada Sidonie, who has been crazy recently, is the It Bag.

It was inspired by a handbag from Prada’s spring/summer 2000 women’s collection

The size of this Prada Sidonie handbag is characterised by its recognizable curves and elegant look.

But in addition to looking beautiful, it is also a very “learned” bag.

The design of the shoulder strap, the radian and the length of the shoulder handle are based on ergonomic principles.

The Prada Sidonie, for example, is just thick enough to fit where your arm naturally hangs when you carry it on one shoulder.

This will no longer place the burden of distance between your shoulders and arms.

If you want to use the Prada Sidonie handbag as a clutch, you can also see that the curve below it fits your hand.

Whether shoulder back, or hand, cross-slung……

So to speak, it will be a good back and easy to wear the perfect bag!

Big brand reproduction once bag money reproduces classic, it is a big upsurge this year. Prada Sidonie, needless to say, was added to the list of Dream Bags by the fashionistas.

Popular supermodels, from liu wen to Kaia Gerber, have taken to the streets many times to love this unique bag.

If you’re not a bag lover, be pragmatic.

I am also looking for a handbag that is suitable for daily wear and can meet the needs of commuting.

So the Prada Matinee, classic and simple, must be the one waiting for you in the dim lights.

It feels very elegant bags, collection of classic design elements – signature Prada Saffiano leather, triangular metal logo.

It also has an impressive capacity, a leather flap and detachable adjustable leather shoulder strap, making it a stylish and practical choice.

The bag also comes in a variety of colors. Each color exudes a different quality in Prada Matinee, which is simple and classic in design.

Finally, majestic to recommend a joker, also highlighted but more girls move bag bag, that is, Prada Embleme Saffiano.

See old name also you guessed, this bag is also used very wear-resisting Saffiano leather.

Prada’s lettering logo and lock decoration add a touch of retro style to the modern bag.

This is also a bag with simple and elegant design. No matter what kind of dress you are used to, it can Match your style well.

Can be said to be a very versatile will not step on the thunder, more worthy as the “first luxury bag in life” investment.

From magazine covers to fashion street photos to social media, it’s not hard to find that Prada once again dominates our view.

More by virtue of highly recognizable design, avant-garde fashion style, by the young generation of enthusiastic pursuit.

In the latest royal bank of Canada survey, Prada’s popularity and buying intentions of Chinese consumers topped the top four.

Prada, as we see now, has the image of pioneer and innovation, the consciousness of romantics and the pursuit of pan-art… Such accurate positioning, no doubt let it in the fierce competition today, pull out the first.

About the construction of group identity, let it gain a large number of followers.

Prada’s brilliance has always been its astute grasp of the dynamics of The Times and its brave refusal to let go of its youthful attitude.

To express in its own unique form, to walk out of a new world and create a new fashion world, Prada is really worth it!

Seriously, Prada is looking pretty bad this season! In particular has been the major star back into a super hot new Prada Embleme Saffiano, how can not buy a home at ease autumn? !

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